Fall 2021

201: Introduction to Linguistic Theory (Undergraduate) [syllabus]


Spring 2021



Fall 2020



Spring 2020




Fall 2019


Summer 2018

315: Phonology (Undergraduate) [syllabus]

691: Qualifying Paper Workshop [syllabus]


431: Investigations into an Unfamiliar Language (Undergraduate) [syllabus]

522: Phonology III (Graduate) [syllabus]


315: Phonology (Undergraduate) [syllabus]

525: Seminar in Phonology (Graduate) [syllabus]

Topic: The phonology-phonetics interface


690: Qualifying Paper Workshop [syllabus]


LIGN 101: Introduction to the Study of Language (UCSD)

Field Methods: Tutrugbu (CoLang, University of Florida)